Divorce Support Group

Weekend Divorce Support Group

Divorce is an under-appreciated trauma.  It can create financial crisis, identity crisis, and serious strains in friendships and family relationships.  People going through divorce often feel isolated, as they may feel too embarrassed to easily share, worrying that they have failed in a vital aspect of life.

A support group comprised of people going through the divorce experience takes away the stigma.  It is a powerful tool for healing - and a source of hard-earned information based on experience.  In a divorce support group people truly understand.

I facilitated a divorce support group in NYC for many years.  The Austin group now forming will take place on Saturdays and is slated to launch the beginning of March.  I am currently meeting with prospective members.  The group will either be weekly or bi-weekly depending on member scheduling needs.  If you are interested in learning more about the group, please feel free to reach out.