Mobile Crisis Outreach Team – A Wonderful Crisis Response Resource

(512) 472-HELP

Integral Care, the Local Mental Health Authority for Travis County, offers an extraordinary rapid-response mobile service for anyone who is experiencing a mental health crisis, which can include risk of self harm.  It is called the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT).  MCOT covers all of Travis County and can be called by anyone.

The Integral Care Mobile Crisis Outreach team is a free service comprised of mental health professionals who provide safety and mental health/psychiatric care assessments for individuals in need.  After MCOT staff have completed an assessment, they coordinate the least restrictive, most appropriate level of care.  This can mean linking someone to new services or coordinating with an individual's existing service provider, such as a private practice therapist.  MCOT's stance is that hospitalization is always a last resort, but if an assessment indicates need for a hospital environment, MCOT will facilitate it, coordinating a hospital intake in order to bypass the ER process, saving individuals and families significant expenses.  MCOT serves children and adults and will respond to crisis in the home, on school campus, in the community - just about anywhere.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and would like to engage MCOT, call (512) 472- HELP.  The embedded video is about the MCOT expansion unit that is dispatched by EMS and APD.  The team members in this video also work with the MCOT unit dispatched by the number above.  Note that MCOT staff dispatched by the (512) 472- HELP line will not come with first responders such as APD or EMS.  They are a calming, discrete presence.

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