For Individuals

You may be wondering what you're signing up for by entering therapy.  Individual psychotherapy with me will be as short or long term as you wish and is always under the control of you the client.  In my work I start from a fairly psychoanalytic stance but will include Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt approaches too.  My office is a non-judging environment in which you will feel heard and an equal partner in sessions, and can therefore talk about issues that may feel impossible to talk about anywhere else.

People new to psychotherapy, whether in individual, group or family/relationship psychotherapy, often begin their sessions with some confusion about the value of staying with emotions rather than focusing on concrete problem solving.  Although problem solving has its place in psychotherapy, the bulk of session work really should be about feelings.  Feelings profoundly affect the decisions we human beings make, even if we think we're making purely rational, non-emotional determinations.  Feelings affect the way we approach romantic/sexual relationships, the way we handle conflicts, the way we relate to family, the way we approach authority figures and even the way we define ourselves.  If we don't understand our fuller emotional selves, much of our living is done out of sight and unexamined.  Destructive patterns we may have developed over time can go unchanged, despite our frustration or even despair.  So psychotherapy with me, whether for individuals, groups or relationships, is an evolving process that lays the emotional groundwork for us to make real and lasting life changes.